The year is 2044. A secret branch of the government known only as 'The Agency' has discovered rifts -- codenamed 'Breaches' -- to an alternate dimension. The ones tasked with exploring said unknown areas are known as 'The Divers.' 

This strange new domain hides many secrets. Perhaps the most crucial one being what has been named as 'The Station.' 

As a Diver, you are tasked to travel to the Station in the Omega Breach and use its abilities to bring a missing woman home.

The journey is difficult and possibly perilous. Battle this bizarre universe's environment and your own insecurities to reach your destination and go back home yourself.

This is an entry for Ectocomp 2019. It was made in four days. It features edited paintings from Edvard Munch, Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali.

Development log


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I kept waiting for Spongebob to pop out.



I need auto save on this game...


"instead of four hours, it ended up taking me four days to wrap it all up"

Ha. Story of my Ectocomp life. :)