"The task is, at its core, simple. All you have to do is leave this vault. Any means will do. Provided you abide by certain... conditions."

This was my entry for the 43rd Ludum Dare Jam. It was produced within 72 hours. As the short blurb might imply, it's an escape-the-room type of game. The premise is simple, it's not all that difficult, and it's short. That said, I'm actually pretty satisfied with the results. 

Thank you for taking an interest in this short piece of interactive fiction. Any forms of suggestions and feedback are appreciated!

Development log


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Is there a walkthrough available for this game? I'm specifically stuck with a note given by a certain companion after feeding him.

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Might I suggest turning it upside-down?

(Also, thanks for playing it so far!)


I loved this a lot! An absolutely stellar use of Twine. I very much appreciated the presentation, the effective use of sound, and the interesting escape mechanics.